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Supernatural Awards

Awarding the very best in Supernatural Icons

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Welcome to super_awards. This community is to award icon-makers for outstanding Supernatural icons!

Each month a new session will begin. Nominations are accepted from the beginning of the month through the end of the month. Dates are subject to change, but I'm trying to keep the community as regular as possible.

Things to know:
→ The #1 most important rule: No hotlinking, please! Photobucket is free and easy to upload to. Stealing people's bandwidth is very uncool.
→ You can nominate three icons per category.
→ To give everyone a fair shot, icons that have won in previous rounds cannot be nominated again in the same category. If you do nominate an icon that has already won, I will do my best to inform you and you may add another icon in its place.
→ Please post your nominations behind a lj-cut.
→ If you do choose to nominate yourself, please nominate one icon by someone else for each one of your own.
→ Be sure to let the icon maker know that you've nominated them.
→ It's okay to leave categories empty. You by no means have to fill all of them. If you would like to fill them in later, simply edit your post. If not, that's fine too.
→ When the time comes, please don't vote for yourself.


Behind the Lens: Actor Icons (any actor who's been on the show)
Wayward Son: Dean Winchester Icons
Geekboy Sidekick: Sam Winchester Icons
In the Beginning: John & Mary Winchester Icons
Heart & Soul: Winchester Family Icons (has to have at least two members of the family in it)
Dusty Backroads: Metallicar, Truckzilla, or any other vehicle Icons
Kiss Goodbye: Couple Icons
This Long War: Allies and Civilian Icons (any human who's not a bad guy)
Angel of the Lord: Angel Icons
Son of the Devil: Villain Icons (human and/or supernatural)
All the Same: Black & White Icons (a splash of color is allowed)
Driver Picks The Music: Lyrical/Text Icons
Shut Your Cakehole: Textless Icons
That's My Boy: Funny/Humorous Icons
Dimpled Smile: Happy/Excited Icons
The Walls Crumble: Sad/Frustrated/Angry Icons
Tools of the Trade: Weapon/Symbol/Object Icons (anything used to detect/weaken/fight/kill/etc. supernatural things)
Unknown Forces: Special Category (changes every month)
--April 2009: Allister
--May 2009: Jo Harvelle
--June/July 2009: Jimmy Novak
--August 2009: Girls of the Week
--September 2009: Sex
--October/November 2009: The Bad Angels
--December/Janurary 2009/10: Fallen Friends
--February 2010: One Color
--March 2010: Finale Icons


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